Bird DigiBird Yellow-Green

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Bird DigiBird


Birds that sing solo, react to intoned sound or melody, whistle or blowing. 
They also react to the singing of other birds - singing their song.
The set also has a colorful cage in which we can plant our bird on a specially designed elevation and whistle.
On the bird's belly there is a switch, which determines in which mode the bird will sing.
Toned by us melody or sound, whistling with your mouth or using a whistle - a ring attached in the set, triggers the bird's chirping.
The bird also reacts to the whistle and tweet of other birds, which further adds to the fun - he sings his song in response to the sounds he has heard.
DigiBird has a rich repertoire of songs - chirp songs are very interesting and interest the most demanding listeners.
For each bird there is also a whistle - a ring, which, apart from being used as a real whistle, can be put on a finger and placed on it (catch) a bird when it is outside the cage.
Set contains

- bird, 
- cage,
- whistle
- ring.




- cage - height approx. 15 cm,
- base diameter approx. 10.5 cm,
- packaging about 15.5 cm x 12 cm.



Sales Department 

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  • fax: +48 12 263 77 54
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    godziny pracy działu hurtowego Pn-Pt  od 9 do 17
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  • Oddział Warszawa ul. Kierbedzia 4 (Mokotów)
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